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Roundup Lawsuit

Roundup Lawsuit

Your Case Worth can help you make the right decision regarding your Roundup lawsuit. Explore our website to find free information and resources to assist you as you seek compensation for harm or injuries caused by Monsanto’s Roundup Weed & Grass Killer that has been determined to cause cancer and other severe medical conditions. Contact us right now through our website to find out whether you’re eligible to have your case added to the next Roundup class-action lawsuit; we’re here to help.

Can I Seek Compensation From Monsanto?

If you’ve been exposed to Roundup and have received a diagnosis of cancer or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, you potentially have a lawsuit against Monsanto. The good news is that courtrooms across the US are holding Monsanto personally responsible for their irresponsibility for not removing Roundup from store shelves early on in production when it was suspected there was a problem with its main ingredient, Glyphosate. As Monsanto begins to pay out on the first lawsuits being seen in court, penalties are imposed that currently exceed $2 Billion. Make sure your Roundup lawsuit does not get overlooked by contacting Your Case Worth with information about your case.

Did Bayer Buyout Monsanto?

The company, Bayer, purchased Monsanto- but the name change was only a last-ditch attempt by Monsanto to divert responsibility for their actions. As one Roundup lawsuit after another began to pile up, it because apparent to Monsanto that they would have to face the music for their product’s toxicity, which is when they began talks with Bayer for a buyout. Victims of Roundup don’t have to worry about the name change since judges currently look past Monsanto’s efforts to sell out before being deemed the responsible party. Your Roundup lawsuit will ensure Monsanto has their day in court, specifically addressing your losses due to their product.

We’ll Make Your Roundup Lawsuit Count

Whether you choose a personal lawsuit or an add-on to an upcoming class-action suit, you can still receive just and fair compensation for any medical condition, injury, or loss due to exposure from Roundup. Lawyers recommend victims strike while the iron is hot and Monsanto is in the headlines. If you wait, you run the risk of your suit falling in the cracks of the system and stalling for months or years- and since Monsanto has a limited amount of money to pay out, you’ll want to ensure your case is among the first heard in court.

Use our free resources on Your Case Worth to get informed about what’s going on with other Roundup lawsuits and which way judges are rendering their verdicts. Along with the latest news and updates on class-action trials, you’ll also find a webpage where you can send us the details of your case for examination by our specialists. As justice advocates, we’re on your side, offering our professional help, advice, and assistance in making sure your case ends up in front of the right judge for review.

Roundup Lawsuit
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